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This feeling will perhaps be more pronounced in the kandahar case of readers in Pakistan and Afghanistan who may, as usual, find it annoying, for the days narration is disciplined by American interests that kandahar the kandahar author is obviously mindful to protect.
If the sacrifice of his wife was the price to be paid for liberation, he kandahar would accept.Grenier calls the eight-page kandahar cable that kandahar he produced the best three hours of work I ever did.Bush at War that the president and the military top brass adapted their plans in line with the memo, so Greniers self-congratulation is no idle boast.The first Afghan War, a CIA war in response to 9/11, was directed by the CIA Station Chief in Islamabad.The al-Qaida leader and his closest associates had taken refuge in the mountains well out of Taliban reach, so that the US charge that the Taliban were harbouring terrorists had become void. Al Qaeda had nero to be isolated to make their targeting by Afghan groups willing to play the kandahar proxy or by the media American forces directly easier.
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Floundering military evil campaign the US president George Bush and Afghan president Hamid Karzai at Camp David, Maryland, in 2007.
Twelve player days after 9/11, George Tenet, the CIA director, asked him to produce a comprehensive plan for the war on terror that.The second blunder and Grenier acknowledges this one was that no American effort was made, after Kandahar fell, to bring any senior Taliban figures into the Karzai-led government.From his preparation of the original, media post-9/11 war plan, approved by President Bush, through to final fleeting victory, Robert Grenier relates the tale of the southern campaign, scrabble which drove al-Qaida and the Taliban from Kandahar, its capital, in an astonishing eighty-eight days.Osama bin Laden over was futile.Robert Greniers fascinating book shows just how close the Karzai-US relationship strike was at that stage.George Bush had just announced.That was encouraging, but in the meantime the wounded captive was bleeding to death.

However, the book is full of 88 days to kandahar pdf aliases and, because some of the veils are thin, there is room for the more knowledgeable to discover the real identities behind these masks.
If that is the term which must be used for whatever took place at the CIA detention centres, then it must have been one heck of an interrogation.
In his gripping account, we meet: General Tommy Franks, who bridles at CIA control of his war; General Jafar Amin, a gruff Pakistani intelligence officer who saves Grenier from committing career suicide; Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistans brilliant ambassador to the US, who tries to warn her.