Audio technica atm350 violin review

of the different mounting packages, one.
The P version for piano is four metres long, for example, while the UCW wireless audio clip-on model is only.4 metres.
In all audio cases the cable is terminated in a four-pin Hirose HR10 plug, which is compatible with both Audio-Technicas UniPak wireless transmitters and the dedicated AT8543 phantom-power module supplied with most AT350a packages.
These instruments are sold and shipped only to the United States and its' territories.A short gooseneck clamps into the top of this ingenious mount allowing the mic capsule violin to be positioned as required over the edge of the batter head.My favourite mount in the ATM350a system is the AT8491D variant for drums (shown above which apparently has a patent pending.For live use, this is a great mic, and we could see it being added to many a touring engineers toolkit.Although the review samples were supplied with the standard UE-C cardioid-pattern capsules, alternative omni (UE-O) and hypercardioid (UE-H) capsules are also available as options, and replacing the capsule is a simple case of unscrewing the cap and screwing the alternative one in its place. A few cable clips are fixed to the violin gooseneck (two on the short one, and three for the longer version) to help dress the mic cable neatly, and they also help to minimise the passage of any mechanical vibration travelling along the cable into the.
This phantom module measures 92 x 19 mm, weighs 90g, accepts any phantom voltage between 11 and 52 V, draws a very modest.5mA of current, and the audio output is presented on a standard three-pin XLR.The Audio violin Technica AT8468 Violin system Microphone Mount permits unobtrusive placement of microphone between the instrument's bridge and tailpiece.In the studio, there are fewer obvious uses, but it could still be handy to have around for those occasions when youre struggling to mic an instrument that you dont record often.For piano applications the AT8491P mount comprises a circular rubberised base roughly 40mm in diameter and 60mm high, containing a strong rare-earth magnet.And while its not quite as small as many broadcast mics, its perfect for instrument recording, and live-sound reinforcement duties, where space or weight might be an issue.Fits Audio-Technica Case Style(s M1, M12, M36.The drum-mounting professional system hooks around the drums tuning lug; the extended bolt allows system the drum to be tuned while the mic is mounted.Of course, sometimes a close-miking approach is required not because the source is quiet, but because there are other loud sources nearby such as a when miking a trumpet or sax, or a drum kit.Summary, a well-engineered and cost-effective instrument miking system with a good range professional of effective and reliable mounting hardware.Overall, the ATM350a, in all its various instrument-focused packs, is a well thought-out and cost-effective instrument miking system.There is also a range of additional mix-and-match audio accessories, including alternative screw-on capsule types.Mike Hillier finds out if it can reach the places other mics cannot.

Cons, not entirely comfortable with the mic position enforced by the AT8468 audio technica atm350 violin review violin mount.
Please see the updated, aTM350a Instrument Microphone Systems.
Pros, neutral and smooth-sounding microphone which takes close-positioning well.