Batman robin pc game

The game features a dark electronica-styled robin soundtrack by Jesper Kyd.
1 Game Gear version edit batman The Game Gear version was developed by Novotrade and published batman by Sega.
Genesis version edit The Genesis version, developed by Clockwork Tortoise and published by Sega, is a run 'n' gun where both Batman and Robin must stop.One of them summarized the robin game as "a CD full of cartoon episodes with a so-so driving game included to break up the animated sequences." They gave it.5 out."Review Crew: Batman Robin".The Joker has assembled a gang of old Batman foes and kidnapped Robin, and the Batman has to go save him.6 Scary Larry of GamePro called the Genesis version "a standard side-scrolling platform game with great backgrounds from the show but mediocre action citing tedious and overly difficult level design, unresponsive controls, poor character visuals, and repetitive music.The Joker celebrates his batman birthday batman wreaking havoc in Gotham and stealing diamonds, Two-Face tries to take over the city from above, and Mad Hatter is creating a robot army in his surreal lair.In some levels the game switches game to a side-scrolling shooter, in which the players must control the Batwings.The game features passwords, game which leaves the player in the last played stage. Animation (with animation by Tokyo Movie Shinsha, which also animated some of the hack episodes of the original cartoon).
Between levels, the story advances through hack animated scenes that were created specifically for the game.
The Adventures of Batman Robin.
13 References edit "Batman: The Lost "Episode".Gameplay edit, for the most part, it is an action-adventure equipment platformer in which the player controls Batman, and follows him to the end of each stage, where a villain is set to appear.There pronunciation are four different levels, each with auctions 2 bakery or 3 stages, where Batman runs around beating up thugs and jumping between platforms before taking on a boss.Passwords cannot be used in hard difficulty, which means that the game must be completed from the beginning.The player can return to the Batcave in order to re-equip the gadgets and restart a stage with all the lives accumulated up to that point (in case the player had lost zipped lives).