Cs condition zero cheats

without losing any goals.
Sv_restartround 1 cheats or sv_restart 1 The game restarts after 1 second.
Jointeam 6 ; jointeam 2 Revive as a Counter-Terrorist jointeam 6 ; jointeam 1 Revive as a Terrorist bot_difficulty set the bots difficulty level bot_difficulty Set cheats the bots difficulties.
Career_restart Restart condition the round.Item_healthkit 1 Restore health.Timerefresh Refreshes time on the console.Alias " letter " " command " Executes the command by just entering the letter in the console.Item Codes Use these codes to instantly spawn items.Unpatriotic Suicide: In the Deleted Scenes level, "Alamo" shoot the.S.Contributed by: THE paintballer, console Commands, access the console by pressing and then enter the following: Effect.Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Cheat Codes, to enable cheat codes in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero during gameplay: Press the grave accent ( ) key located above the, tab key on most keyboards.Restart to restart the map without losing any goals condition mp_tkpunish 0-1 When enabled, bots/players who kills their teammate(s) will die on the next round.Hud_deathnoticetime # You can see the last deaths of players on the specified seconds. Maxplayers number Set the maximum number of zero players when creating a condition new multiplayer game (only works before you zero start a experia match).
Bot_zombie # Replace with 1 or 0 to make the bots stay still or move.Maxplayers value Sets the maximum players when creating a new multiplayer game.Effect Effect item_healthkit 1 give you 15 health, the number multiplies the amount fresh to be twitter restored item_armor 1 give you 15 health, the number multiplies the amount to be restored weapon_shieldgun give you a shield and a pistol ammo_generic give you full ammo of all.Type a code (see the tables below for zero a list of codes) and press.Mp_c4timer number (default is 45) Set the C4 timer.Switch to 1 to disable.Gl_spriteblend number (1On, 0Off) Toggle blood thickening.Instead gives you full money.Impulse 101 Max money.Enables cheats cl_righthand 0-1 Enables player to be Right-Handed.Effect autobuy, automatically buys the best gun for your team.Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is a multiplayer, first-person shooter game initially released for Windows in 2004.