Detective conan episode 100

This is for the sake of detective those who might want to get into or conan try to convince a friend to get into Detective Conan for the story but find the insanely high episode count and 2-decade long history daunting.
Main Plot intl 783-784 detective (manga 847-849V80F8-10 Introduces Haneda Shuukichi, a bit of development detective for Yumi, and a tiny bit of Chiba and Miike.
472-473 intl 512-513 (manga 570-573V55F6-9 Kaitou Kid Shinichi case.Main Plot intl 313-315 (manga 361-365V35F11-V36F4 Heiji Case.(note: the latter half of 585 is actually part of this arc) 592-593 intl 643-644 (manga 716-718V68F9-11 Ran development.Main Plot* Magic Kaito 1412.836-837 intl 891-892 (manga 936-938V88F10-V89F1 Amuro, Sera, and Shuuichi development.They both spoil each other heavily, episode so maybe watch conan whichever is more important to you first.Main Plot* Movie 18: Dimensional Sniper 785-786 intl 838-839 (manga 899-902V85F6-9 Haneda Shuukichi and Yumi development, plus a bit of Subaru and Seras outside sister. Note this uses the fusion original Japanese episode numbers.
847-848 intl 902-903 (manga bits 942-944V89F5-7 Detective Chiba and Miike development.There is also a lot of random recap for little details from the main plot, in windows case you need a refresher.727-728 intl 779-780 (manga 844-846V80F5-7 Slight Sera detective episode development.Movie 14: The Lost Ship in bits the Sky 646-647 intl 697-698 (manga 768-770V73F6-8 Introduces Sera Masumi.889-890 intl 944-945 (manga 966-968V91F7-9 Introduces Wakasa Rumi.Main Plot* 345 intl 371-375 (manga 429-434V42F5-10 Head-to-Head Match with the Black Organization: A Dual Mystery on a Full Moon Night (2.5 Hour Special) *Main Plot* Movie 7: Crossroad ipad in the Ancient Capital episode 346-347 intl 376-377 (manga 435-437V42F11-V43F2 Some Haibara followup development.11 intl 11-12(manga 62-67V7F2-7 Events referenced in some character development in episodes 77-78 later.Main Plot intl 825-826 (manga 882-884V83F10-V84F2 Shinichi case.The manga chapters these were based on were actually released as a lead-in to the Detective Conan chapters the DC episodes were based on, and it makes a lot less sense without that lead-in.32 intl 33(manga 105-107V11F5-7 Introduces Kisaki Eri, Rans mom.578-581 intl 629-632 (manga 699-704V67F3-8 Subaru and Jodie development, and some Black Organization activity.(Both 1 Hour Specials) *Main Plot intl 998-999 (manga V95F3-5 Followup from the previous case.Main Plot* 487 intl 530-531 (manga 576-578V56F1-3 Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 8: The Left Hands Ring Finger (1 Hour Special) 490 intl 536-537 (manga 518-522V50F8-V51F1 Heiji case.(1 Hour Special) 128 intl 135 (manga 13-16V2F4-7 The Black Organization: One Billion Yen Robbery Case *Main Plot* 129 intl 136-139 (manga 176-181V18F6-V19F1 Introduces Haibara Ai, possibly the second most central character to the overall plot after Conan himself.205-206 intl 220-221 (manga 267-269V27F4-6 Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story intl 228-229 (manga 273-275V27F10-V28F2 Haibara development.