Dynamic energy saver 2

With it Gigabyte package a little something called Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced technology, and although the savings are still minor it's dynamic worth flicking.
Here's the CPU power when the computer is idle, it's drawing about.5W.
However, this is a hybrid software-hardware dynamic solution so while Linux users aren't able to dynamic use dynamic this software, DES is still functioning.
In this review we are taking a brief look at Gigabyte's efforts into green computing with their Dynamic Energy Saver technology on the GA-EP35-DS4 energy motherboard.Tell us what you dynamic think of this new feature.Ok, you might still wonder what it is and we're going to try to make things a little bit more clear if you bear with.The Dynamic Power Phases are represented by twelve little engines, which blank out as they are dynamically turned off, if unnecessary.The energy main window displays current CPU power consumption in Watts (here.07W) care of an Intersil PWM chip that doubles as a power meter.The user has full control over DES, it can be turned on or off with the flick of a switch. Gigabyte also produces software to update manipulate the power saving options and monitoring the power consumption.
Since then, Gigabyte has made a kaspersky few changes to their latest manual motherboards in order to provide heightened power efficiency.
These power improvements are attributed to dynamic switching of power phases depending upon the CPU workload for regulating the power consumption.Asus have similar technology manual which uses a two-step process to keep either half or all the power phases on at any given time.The Gigabyte EP35-DS4 supports up to Intel Core 2 Quad processors built on a 45nm manufacturing process, DDR2-1600MHz when in an overclocked state (DDR2-1333MHz is otherwise its normal limit ieee-1394a tool Firewire, Serial ATA.0 raid support, and the rest of the features found on the.For all of the details on Dynamic Energy Saver technology, below are slides that were provided to us by Gigabyte last month.As you surely have figured out, Dynamic Energy Saver is something that will save power, but it's not very clear how this works from a marketing name alone, so let's take a closer look at how it all works.The power meter monitors moment-to-moment CPU power consumption, whether DES is on or turned off.In situations where you need the full power of your computer, say for gaming or really intensive applications you can easily disable DES by turning it off.What file they are for is to give you some kind of a visual element to gigabyte's new DES or Dynamic Energy Saver.Unfortunately, this software is closed-source and is only available for Microsoft Windows users.Modern computer systems with multi-core CPUs and multi-GPU videocards have forced power draw up pretty high, but thanks to the "Green Revolution" motherboard makers are starting to offer board-level power-saving and power efficiency features.The power saving meter reported were a mere.2W user saved.However, the roll-out will take some time but the good news is that gigabyte has already shipped motherboards with DES.