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P.1213 The Perforator is fallout listed as being repairable only with Infiltrators.
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In guide reality, they boost Melee Weapons and Speech by 2; the 77 suit prima increases Melee Weapons and Unarmed.P.733-4 Appendix 4 The guide fails to list all of the guaranteed mini nuke locations.P.24 The " Xenotech Expert " perk description states that it affects mplx Novasurge and the regular plasma pistol, and doesn't affect the shock baton.P.288-9 An item called "Father's Books" is mentioned as the reward for Trouble on the Homefront.P.60 The guide incorrectly states that Confessor Cromwell was granted permission to stay from is "successor", as opposed to his predecessor.P.496 In The Pitt, the guide says to select the Outcast distress signal instead of Wernher's distress signal.Advanced prima embedding details, examples, and help!Joel Burgess, Erik Caponi, Brian Chapin, guide John Paul Duvall, Kurt Kuhlmann, Alan Nanes, Bruce Nesmith, Emil Pagliarulo, Fred Zeleny and, nathan Purkeypile.With the release of downloadable content for the game, prima two supplementary guides were released. And/ or other star countrie.
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Many of the miner edibles have incorrect information, such as incorrect rad effects, and other things like ant nectar giving you miner 2 IN and 2 CH when in fact they deduct the amount.Such questions should be directed to the support numbers provided by the game and/or device manufacturers as set forth in their documentation.Althgough listed under Power Armor, it does not require Power Armor Training to be worn: as the guide book correctly points out "This is a Combat Helmet variant.".146 The Takoma Park Little Leaguer Cap 's bonuses include a 5 bonus to Melee damage in the.P.306.21 The unique combat knife Stabhappy, is listed as potentially dropping during any random encounters involving raiders.A Game of the Year edition was released in October 2009, which contained an updated core guide and walkthroughs book andreas for all the downloadable content released after the game's premiere.Although slightly less necessary because you have complete maps of the Wasteland in this guide, this perk allows you to quickly find every major location.

P.24 The " Pitt Fighter " perk description states that it increases DR and Rad Resistance by a whopping 25, rather than the correct.
Under the Schematics section of the guide it says when you make a Custom Weapon with just one Schematic the condition of the weapon will be half your repair skill when in fact it will be 75 of your repair skill.
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