Homeworld 2 patch 1.1 pl

Players unit homeworld caps will no longer be lowered when they load a game from the in-game menu.
Resource Collectors repair rate patch increased (from 25 hitpoints/second patch to 35 hitpoints/second).
Missile Corvette Damage.Matrox Parhelia patch users will no longer experience loading crashes after homeworld installing the latest drivers for their cards.Hull defence guns have homeworld increased accuracy.Fighter (from.1.14).Platforms no longer attack when moving.The ignore patch list in the Gamespy lobby is homeworld now automatically saved. Ships that are docking or being built no longer cause ships already docked to launch when the ship hold is registration full.
Fighters can no longer undock while the carriers are in hyperspace transit.Platforms have had significant reduction in amount cutter of damage done to collectors (75 damage reduction for gun platforms game 50 windows damage reduction for missile platforms and 60 damage reduction for Ion Platforms).Research time - 10 phantasy second increase (from 60 to 70).Bombers are weaker.Players will now be able to host registration and join games from behind NATs and Firewalls.The Derelict Mover is no longer targetable by your ships.Hull defence guns.Recharge match - 10 second increase (from 60s to 70s).Ion Platform accuracy.

If a ship is destroyed in the homeworld 2 patch 1.1 pl frame before it executes an order, the game will no longer crash.
Scuttling Dreadnaught will now cause the mission to fail.