Hot cpu tester pro 4.3 lite

7Bytes Hot CPU Tester Pro 4 can tester help customers not only maximize their experiences with the AMD64 platform, but also help them explore the different form factor options to build the optimal.
Improved Chipset test module for the new generation of chipsets.
tester The System Info reports include details about the processor, CPU string, clock speed, and physical and virtual memory.It is recommended that Hot CPU Tester should run for at least six hours to fully check the system.It capably performs burn-in, benchmarking, and numerous diagnostics, including Complete Matrix, Sorting Algorithms, and Prime tester Test, but some trials are not available in this Lite version.Due to 32bit limitations amount of memory to be tested is set below 4GB only.Benchmarks Minor tweaks Changes from Version.0 to Version.1 DefectTech.1 lite can detect a wider range of errors and illegal instructions Improved module: QuickSort tester Improved module: Chipset Some minor improvement Some fixed bugs Changes from Version.0.2 to Version.0 Completely redesigned rewritten lite Uniquely.Comprehensive Benchmark tests, smbios cpuid featured, liveSupport.4.3 updated DefectTrack engine(V2.2.0) for the new generation of processors Added a new code path for Intel Core microarchitecture lite Added a new code path for AMD Athlon 64 X2 and AMD Athlon 64 FX Added SSE3 test module(Combined with SSE2) Improved Chipset test module for. DLL) Changes from Version.3 to Version.4 Improved module: QuickSort Improved module: Peripherals New eSellerate episode engine.1 Minor tweaks bugs fixed Changes from Version.2 to Version.3 New DefectTech.2 with heuristic algorithm Added Burn-in feature in the options menu Redesigned module: Complex.
Sempron (Codename: Manila improved Hard enterprise Disk module test to detect sata controller problems faster tester now.
Hot CPU Tester Lite, a slightly disabled version of Hot CPU Tester Pro, offers a plain yet functional interface that displays diagnostic actions in real time.Instructions sets * Tests L1 L2 Cache * Tests System Bus Memory Bus * Tests Chipset along quickbooks with motherboard * Tests Hard Disk Drives * Monitors CPU performance under pressure * Built in Anti-Crash Exception Handler * Comprehensive Benchmark tests * smbios cpuid quickbooks featured.Written purely to test CPU, chipset, motherboard, Memory * Fully supports x64 computing platform(AMD64 Technology, Intel EM64T) * Fuly supports dual-core and multi-processor systems * Fully supports Hyper-Threaded processors * Utilizes SSE, SSE2, SSE3, MMX 3DNow!This feature-rich and highly configurable application would be especially useful for administrators or power users who need trial to thoroughly test and track a system's performance.It is a burn-in test with uniquely designed state of the art DefectTrack engine.Main features: Revolutionary DefectTrack.0 engine, accurately tests the whole system and its subsets.SSE/SSE2 detection Fixed bug: Crash during the diagnostic/benchmark on some systems Change from Version.0 to Version.1 Improved Complex Matrix Algorithm Improved Memory test Improved CPU/System detection Fixed bug: False error on L2 Cache module Fixed bug: False report on Non-Hyper-Threaded CPUs lite Small Tweaks.Improved support enterprise for the following AMD processrs: Atlon 64 X2(Codename: Windsor atlon 64 FX (Codename: Windsor atlon 64 (Codename: Orleans).The program puts your hardware components through extreme paces to test their reliability and stability.Improved support for Windows Vista, improved support for the newer Intel processrs: Intel Xeon (Codename: Penryn intel Core 2 Extreme (Codename: Yorkfield intel Core 2 Quad (Codename: Yorkfield intel Core 2 Duo (Codename: Wolfdale improved support for the following AMD processrs: Atlon 64 X2(Codename: Windsor.It tests CPU, and virtually all parts of motherboard for errors, bugs and defective components.Tim Wright, director, desktop marketing, AMDs Computation Products Group.Ahtlon 64 and AMD Opteron processors) Fuly supports multi-processor systems Fully supports Hyper-Threaded processors, utilizes SSE, SSE2, MMX 3DNow!Tests Chipset along with motherboard, tests Harddrives, monitors CPU performance under pressure.

The testing modules intentionally stress all components to hot cpu tester pro 4.3 lite their maximum limits to assess their integrity.
Built in Anti-Crash Exception Handler.
Comprehensive Benchmark tests, smbios cpuid featured, change from Version.2.2 to Version.3.