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Welcome to the new worlds of legendary bass tones Welcome to Ampeg SVX.The sounds of Ampeg amplifiers are the sound of a bass revolution the voice of generations of musical identity and groove definition that demo ampeg are synonymous with the fabric of our core ampeg multimedia as musicians.Check out AXE I/O demo IKs premium audio interface with powerful guitar shaping tools.How it multimedia works, if you play, demo it makes sense.AmpliTube Custom Shop, once you purchase the Ampeg SVX package or individual amps, they automatically show.Ultra-accurate bass response plus the ability to mix in the perfect amount of room warmth.But what's behind a "Legend"?100 pure Ampeg Bass Tone.Mac OS X (including Leopard) and XP/Vista compatible. In retrospect, this project was really slightly ahead of its time.
Add a tuner and separate direct/amped signal path for a complete software bass rig.
But you demo can ampeg add more gear to demo book the ampeg Ampeg package via the windows Custom Shop.Hmmmm, the SVT Classic.The creation of a single model of amp or effect takes the same digibook time than it would take to build a hardware version.Frankly, that should really say it all.For the first time any musician, songwriter and producer can have a complete, all-in-one solution for bass recording.Power PC based Macintosh, minimal: 866 MHz G4 processor, 512 MB of RAM, Mac OS.4 or later.Plus, youll have a complete bass pedalboard with 6 fully configurable stomp effects.Stadium Bass Tones, no Chiropractors, that's exactly what you get with the Ampeg SVX models.Suggested:.66 GHz Intel Core Duo processor, 1 GB of RAM, Mac OS.4.4 or later.Ampeg sent us stuff.Life Below 250Hz (250Hz Under the Sea).And at the heart of innovation is the challenge of the norm, a spirited approach that focuses thinking on not "what is" but "what.".We took took the "shutdown" feature out of our models so you can rock all night.