Image to text converter ocr

image to text converter ocr

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology that extracts the text from an image or a scanned document so that it can be edited, formatted, searched, converter indexed, automatically translated converter or converted to speech.
This text can later be translated and image used in your image word processor, publishing software, or other text related purposes.
The service is completely free and you don't need to register or install anything on your computer.The method fails when it has to read the text not text present in its database and outputs incorrect text.The OCR software can be downloaded or used as OCR online services.Free OCR converter, on the other hand, is something that can solve your problem, save you money, text save your precious time and deliver quick and efficient results just by converter a few clicks.Selection of area on page for OCR.Based on Tesseract OCR engine 122 image recognition languages and fonts support. No Limitations, there is no limitation on the number of pages to be recognized.
Multi-language recognition, mathematical equations recognition, page layout image analysis (multi-column text recognition).OCR converter is a complex yet most efficient way of the electronic or mechanical conversion of an image converter into machine-encoded text.Auto adjustment of image files for best results.Our Online OCR service benefits, oCR Source Formats.Keeps your data safe and secure (all your files will be removed from the server).Multi page documents: tiff, PDF, DjVu.Docx, ODT files with images, converter multiple converter images in ZIP archive, output file formats.That is still the normal practice when it comes to editing printed contracts, brochures or magazine pages.API plans for advanced users.Supports low-resolution images, input file formats, jPEG, jfif, PNG, GIF, BMP, PBM, PGM, PPM, PCX.Today, there are many text image to word text converter online tools out there that can easily convert your scanned documents or photos into words surprisingly well.Character recognition process is a complex one, requiring an OCR program matching an image to an electronic version that corresponds.One of them is the free Picture to Text converter of Smallseotools that includes an advanced functionality and gives its users a platform to quickly translate or convert any text within an image.

The processing time depends on the image to text converter ocr size of the document and can take up to 10 minutes.
OCR can be used to convert books and documents into electronic format and to automate various business processes.
Just by scanning the printed documents through the OCR text scanner software you can easily convert the files into soft copies which can be edited, copied or shared as per your requirements.