Kerbal space program 0.21 update

kerbal space program 0.21 update

We finally get to click onto more pictures too.
Note: The.8.1 release introduced a few changes to the.craft file format, so update it is possible that ships created with versions prior.8.1 might not be compatible with the kerbal new version.And finally, we have a structure that's starting to shape up as a usable interior space scene: Time to glue it together.So I give all volume inside of the tower to one giant assembly hall, with the door of the fitting size sitting on program one side.Changed the Fuel Line flow direction, so fuel will flow from the first-placed end of the line space to the second end.Fixed a bug where parts would lose staging info and revert to default when returning from flight to the VAB.Reloaded parts were not storing references to their symmetry counterparts properly.Docking: Fixed an space issue where docking ports update wouldn't resume their fuel crossfeed properly sometimes. A Patched Conics trajectory projection system, shows your map trajectory as it enters and leaves the SOI of planets and moons.
Fixed the terrain collision detection issues for netgear Gilly and Bop.Symmetrical placement mode in the VAB.Also added in this update are a terrain overhaul, a revamped Kerbal Space Center, and the ability to hire specific Kerbals and assign them to missions.Parts: Fixed an issue with the engine fairings which maps caused engines to lose mass on save/load cycles.shrug* For some maps reason some people like to think Kerbals are sloppy engineers only capable of producing inherently broken kerbal designs held together by duct tape.I'd also like to apologize for perhaps oversimplifying netgear things that could be obvious to fellow artists.Input Axes now support linear scaling.Quick Flight Scenarios: Start flights from pre-set conditions, without interfering with your persistent sandbox save, and also save your own scenarios from your main game.But exterior ground surface has one maps important difference: it's being observed from insane range of distances, from extreme close ups when Kerbals traverse the place on foot to dozens of kilometers in flight.Added Nuclear-Thermal Engine part Added focusable areas for internal views Added Settings for Music and Voice Volume netgear Double-tapping the wheel brakes key will now set parking brakes.The Simulate In Background setting no longer requires a game restart to take effect.Fixed a small bug on the patched conics maths that could have caused some trouble.Well, there is one more way.Added a Flags folder to collect flag bitmaps.Tweaked the terrain system to use less memory.