Keygen shadow wolf mysteries curse of the full moon

Use the keygen mysteries fan to get rid of keygen the curse smoke.
Move the bones (I).
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Get the flag from the flags placed on the ground.Remove the 2 curse screws wolf on the box with the screwdriver (1).Place the chain (E).Examine the telescope (D remove the lens.Walk down, then left twice.This will give you the 2nd organ key.Zoom into the chest that is on the table.Examine the flasks full on the left table to add a journal page.Take the Berries (H). Place the incredibles flint stones on the games torch on the games left to light up the cave (V).
Head to the library.
Play the Hidden Object Scene to obtain puzzle piece incredibles 1/2.During any mini-game or puzzle, you can choose to skip it if audiobook you for some reason do not understand or wish to play.Open games the drawer and click moon on the beads to activate a puzzle (F).Take the shield (I).Take the wolf head (Y).Place the spiral KEY (W).Take the Berries, wooden gear, and metal bowl (I).