King's quest 4 game

There is a kings chasm ahead, chances are you will fall in game a few times and it was tough getting here in the quest first place, right?
You read THE game tombstones while game the zombies harass you, until you find one on the right side all the way in the back, where a six month old baby is buried.You're gettin' quest married in the mornin'!Go west to the haunted old house and open door.Move north one screen and you are in the graveyard with the crypt.A boy ghost appears and you follow him upstairs, to the bedroom on the right.Unlock THE door and enter the crypt.YOU MAY fall!) and go to the organ get in front game of the bench and SIT, play THE sheet music.There's a stable kings at the entrance to the castle, so you go in and find the unicorn. Climb down and don't worry about the mummy.
Play THE lute and he'll farsi watch you perform.
You run to greet the little creature, but he is font frightened and flies off, forgetting to take his farsi bow.
He doesn't speak good English though."Well some people are never satisfied!" You mutter to yourself as the goons carry you back to the forest.Bait farsi pole with worm then fish.They font eye is a wolf powerful wolf bargaining chip even though it is of no use to you.Sometimes you get the shark, sometimes you can make it back to shore.