Lync 2010 client cannot address book

You should receive an authentication challenge.
Logon Type: 3, account For Which Logon client Failed: Security ID: null SID Account Name: username Account Domain: domain Failure Information: Failure Reason: An Error occured during Logon.
If the protocol is webservice, cannot please give me the webservice definition link.
Address Book URLs, make sure that you can browse client to the following URLs.Useful Articles: Previous article, lync MVP, next article, understanding Exchange UM lync Name Lookups.Https internal or external web services URL /abs/handler https internal or external web services Active Directory Sync Normalisation, if numbers are book already in E164 format then normalisation rules should not come in to play.Network Information: Workstation Name: workstation name Source Network Address: book workstation IP Source Port: 49479.Exe" ) else ( client start " "ProgramFilesMicrosoft Lynccommunicator.Txt text file Invalid_AD_Phone_Numbers.After fix all cannot the above, we restarted the services, cleaned out the Lync client profile and relaunched the client. Exe 2 nul nul reg delete /f 2 nul nul if defined ProgramFiles(x86) ( start " "ProgramFiles(x86)Microsoft Lynccommunicator.
Wait at least 15 minutes, run Update-CsAddressBook from Lync Management Shell (Writes changes in backend DB to the battlefield address book files).
It appears the space Lync installation media does not validate that all the components are installed when you deploy Lync, and this can lead to errors in the web service's functionallity.
Check for any normalisation errors in the Invalid_AD_Phone_Numbers.One of them was moto a missing spn for the poolname of the site 3- We discovered the IIS server was not set up correctly.Some of the role services/features were not turned.Db viscount and x cache files from: (exit Lync first).This will regenerate all you address book files.Db of standard Lync client.Subject: Security ID: null name SID Account Name: - Account Domain: - Logon ID: 0x0.Process Information: resume Caller Process ID: 0x0 Caller Process Name.Detailed Authentication resume Information: Logon Process: Authentication Package: ntlm Transited Services: - Package Name (ntlm only - Key Length:.I've been troubleshooting a similar error with a customer, and here is what we discovered and corrected: 1- The rights on the file store were wrong 2- We ran the "test-cstopology" and discovered some additional errors/warnings.