Maya advanced building advanced shading networks

In this course, we'll examine Maya's hyper shade material editor in depth.
Setting viewport render maya options 6m 16s, using the Render view 6m 57s, graphing building networks 4m 26s, understanding shading groups advanced 3m building 45s.
Transparency and Translucence Rendering refractions 3m shading 39s Finding the facing ratio with Sampler Info 3m 42s Modifying transparency with Remap Value 6m 13s Rendering solid glass with mia_material_x 4m 32s Backlighting materials with translucence 4m 26s Mapping translucence 3m 40s Rendering skin with subsurface scattering.
Welcome - Hello, I'm Aaron.Mental ray Materials Setting up the mental ray renderer 2m 15s Lighting the scene for mental ray 5m 20s Using mental ray shading nodes 4m 41s Choosing mia_material_x presets 3m 23s Exploring mia_material_x 3m 51s Bump mapping in mia_material_x 2m 43s advanced Adding ambient occlusion.Welcome 1m, setting up the course project 3m 47s.Get started with a free trial today.a good portion of your time building shading networks is spent connecting node attributes to each other and adjusting node attributes to describe what a surface should look like and how it advanced should be positioned.Learn the most in-demand business, tech and creative skills from industry experts.Shading group node, shading networks are designed as a data shading flow network, where data streams from the left side of the network toward a final shaded result that emerges from the right node. Autodesk Maya LT 2019.2 (x64 autodesk Maya 2019.2 (x64 flippednormals - Skin Kit.
Practice while you learn with version exercise files.
The right most node edition (which is not always visible by default; guide click the users Input and Output Connections button in the Hypershade to fest see it) is the Shading Group for that particular network.
To view and work with shader network libraries, see.Hypershade building Interface and Workflows.I'm looking forward to sharing.Chaos Group V-Ray Next, Update.1 Build.12.02 (x64) for Autodesk Maya.For more information, see.Watch courses on your mobile device without an internet connection.Maya Toon Assigning a fill with a ramp shader 4m full 41s Assigning a Toon outline 2m 3s Editing outline attributes in the pfxToon node 2m 59s version Manipulating outlines with a modifier 2m 39s Converting Toon outlines to polygons 3m 33s Conclusion Conclusion Goodbye 35s *Price.Making and breaking connections 4m 23s Using the Connection Editor 4m 27s Organizing material libraries with bins 3m 24s.Essential Techniques Introducing the Node Editor 3m 17s Creating a matte painting with the surface shader 5m 44s Controlling hardware texture quality 1m 26s Lighting the scene 6m 31s Choosing a diffuse color and amount 2m 42s Understanding ambient color 1m 39s Bump mapping.Course by: Aaron.Download the files the instructor uses to teach the course.The Gnomon Workshop - Creating Volumetric Effects with Houdini.

We'll customize core material attributes, such as diffuse maya advanced building advanced shading networks color and specular highlights.
Adjusting and Combining Textures.
View the Shader Library Gallery.