Motu machfive 3 vs kontakt 5

The bundled library and effects are largely very good motu and cover tremendous range.
Ircam Stretch is MachFive's most CPU-indulgent time-stretch (and pitch-shift) oscillator, but it gives very good results on a wide range of audio even track-length mixes.
This is your standard Latin percussion line-up machfive machfive multiple claves, shakers, woodblocks, bongos and more, mapped out over a wide keyboard range.
I did some testing in Presonus's Studio One DAW, with a 256-sample buffer in a 44.1kHz song.What helps here is that MachFive isn't just a sampler; its synth architecture and broad range of filter characteristics are very much part of the sound on offer.SparkVerb is a recent addition, and it's an artificial, sparkly and likeable algorithmic design.Looking at MachFive's load times, results vary massively depending on the program you've chosen.You can also machfive drag the audio and midi event-timing results directly into DAW tracks.Likewise, it'll have a go at your old Akai MPC or S-series libraries, as well as Emu Emulator III and IV, machfive Kurzweil K2xxx, kontakt Roland S700, SampleCell and SoundFont formats it'll even mount their CD-ROMs.There are pros and cons.Going hand in hand with MachFive's 'universal' machfive moniker is a hefty sound library that aims to cover all bases, delivered in the form of 10 separate UFS (universal file system) soundbanks.Don't overlook Steinberg's HALion, though; its synthesis and sample-manipulation facilities are directly comparable kontakt to those of MachFive.It bears comparison with specialist products like MusicLab's RealStrat, in sound quality if not sheer flexibility. There's still room for improvement in some aspects of operation and library provision, but it now bears comparison with anything else on the update market, and comes out on top in many areas.
Loading from a dedicated external Firewire 400 7200rpm sample drive, J-Bass took 36 seconds to load, and Star Drums 39 seconds.
Apparently, the crossgrade is something that I will handle with motu when I am installing.
motu More generally accessible are the Arpeggiator and Microtuner Event Processors.How you actually then play or 'drive' your loaded parts is up null to you.Live-oriented users can also switch to a dedicated Performance view there, too, and set up complex layers, splits and keyswitched programs that have the potential to see them through entire sets.Many from the Universal Loops Instruments soundbank are up and running in a second cddvd or two.If you're wondering about synths, they null get a soundbank of their cddvd own: the.2GB MachFive Biosphere.To run MachFive 3, you'll need at least Mac.5.8, Windows 7 or Vista (SP2 or later) running on.83GHz Intel Core Duo or better.Third-party libraries are still comparatively thin on the ground.A big orchestral template resulted in CPU loads about 10 percent lower on average, although on my Mac, at least, the CPU meter 'spiked' a lot more using Kontakt.Cons You can plan tea breaks around some program load times.Others offer Propellerhead REX-like, midi-triggered unter audio slicing, real-time pitch-shift and time-stretch (in standard, CPU-intensive and formant-corrected varieties and granular synthesis.From my Mac's internal SSD, the Telematic load time halved to 59 seconds.Perhaps the most unwelcome feature is that many brass and woodwind instruments load with a drunken-sounding portamento enabled.The friendly user interface is a major strong point it's easy to understand and genuinely welcoming.