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Add a instruments fourth note below, and the trombone takes up the new bass note, while the higher pitches are allocated to the rest of the ensemble.So, it's not as bad as I thought it is and it looks pretty well thought out.Every note is expertly played by top horn players, leaving you nothing left to think about except choosing the perfect phrase to fit your production.Legato - cool, animator - fine if you need inspiration or native have to do something really session quick, I don't see myself using it though (if I get this in the K9 native update, that is).The detailed sample base was used to construct over 170 ultra-flexible, playable phrases licks, native stabs and progressions inspired by contemporary productions, covering a wide spectrum of genres and moods.Link sound (in animator) - cool 9:55 - passable brass native section, not there all the way, but.User manual: download manual.Play horns the whole four-piece section or divide into classic subsections, playing only two trumpets, or just sax and trombone, for example.The Animator is an endless source of inspiration, and an ideal starting point for your productions.Product type: Komplete Instrument, for use with: Free, kontakt player version 5 and higher, or, kontakt version 5 and higher. GET animated: The inventive Animator function provides an intuitive and inspiring way to jam authentic brass phrases while maintaining real-time control.
TBProAudio - dEQ6, sonible - smartEQ2, audio Assault - HQ-2.
Music IN MY mind.
So, not bootable bad, add: for me, real brass section makes more rumble, there are more artefacts from blowing, clonking of the ingles keys, sound of spitting into the tenor saxophone.Play active three keys, and the trombone is automatically mapped to the lowest note.As well as sampling a wide programa range of articulations, e-instruments sampled all possible note transitions from all four instruments.Rhythm helper - I can't see myself using it, edition but answers there you go, if you need it, it's there.The way he uses it in the video is cool, though.Admittedly, I'm probably not the market pregnancy NI's looking for with this but let's see: 0:40 - meh, sounds like the low cut was engaged at a too high frequency, there's an annoying movement across the stereo field 1:03 - there's something wrong with the tenor.Please also see the.Last edited by soulata; 8th November 2012 at 08:53.Produced in collaboration with e-instruments, this kontakt Instrument features the unique Smart Voice Split function for creating authentic horn arrangements with your keyboard on the fly, no experience needed.About E-instruments: Based editor in Hamburg, Germany, e-instruments specialize in intensely detailed sampled instruments.Choosing instruments directly from the UI is a good idea.