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His relationship with the blind Alfredo has strengthened, and Salvatore often looks to him cinema for help advice that Alfredo often dispenses by"ng classic films.
Film critic Roger Ebert gave it three and a half stars out of directors four cinema 12 and four stars out of four for the extended version, declaring "Still, I'm happy to have seen it-not as directors an alternate version, but as the ultimate exercise paradiso in viewing deleted.
Releases edit The film exists in multiple versions.Salvatore, still a child, is hired as the new projectionist, as he is the only person who knows how to run the machines.The film ends with Salvatore returning cinema to Rome paradiso and, with teary eyes, viewing the film reel that Alfredo left.Kbps 02:45:02.Cinema Paradiso catches fire as Alfredo is projecting.During their evening together, a frustrated and angry Salvatore asks Elena why she never contacted him or left word of where her family was moving.Chapters: Number Time In Length Avg Video Rate Max 1-Sec Rate Max 1-Sec Time Max 5-Sec Rate Max 5-Sec Time Max 10Sec Rate Max 10Sec Time Avg Frame Size Max Frame Size Max Frame Time :00:00.000 0:11:54. You can help by adding.
He watches Alfredo's reel and discovers it comprises all the romantic scenes that the priest had ordered to magic cut from the movies; Alfredo had spliced the sequences together to form a single unreduced film of aching book desire and lustful frenzy.
Ultimately, Alfredo serves as speed a wise father figure to his young friend who only wishes to see him succeed, even if it means breaking his heart in the process.
Kbps kbps 02:14:26.Their paradiso meeting ultimately leads magic to a lovemaking dragon session in her car.Kbps 00:57:53.Salvatore has obeyed Alfredo, but he returns home to attend the funeral.Alfredo's widow tells him that the old man followed Salvatore's successes with pride and he left him something an unlabeled film reel and the old stool that Salvatore once stood on to operate the projector.The next cinema morning, Salvatore returns to the decaying Cinema Paradiso and frantically searches through the piles of old film invoices pinned to the wall of the projection booth.11:54.630 0:14:53.

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