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You can also try the compatibility trick, but theres no guarantee that it will work for you.Here is a windows Microsoft Answer thread that has a few people saying they got it to worknote this was with windows Windows 8, not Windows.1: personally, I would likely go with a newer version.First of office all, this old software isnt compatible with the latest Windows versions, and, obviously, this has been made by Microsoft itself to boost sales of the new versions.Do you need Access or Publisher or just Word, Excel, and Powerpoint)?However, if you do manage to get compatibility Office 2000 or Office 2003 to work on your Windows 8 and Windows.1 system and you still get errors when trying to save documents, there are big chances that your work has actually been saved.So, if you think you will have compatibility better luck with Office 2003, then you are wrong.So, it likely will not hurt to try installing it and seeing how it runs. If I recall correctly, I have seen people report that they could install and run Office temple 2003 in Windows.
I just hope youre lucky enough.Are you the type of person who does not like/want to full upgrade often (that seems to be be the case since your old computer was still running XP and Office 2003)?Or do you like/want/need to have the latest and greatest?How likely would that be to change in the future?So no, Office 2003 products arent compatible either.A noter quil games est possible de télécharger temple gratuitement et légalement Word et Excel 2010.Office 365 becomes a good deal when you need to run Office on multiple computers and want temple to keep using the latest and greatest versions of Office.But Ive seen reports of folks updating and being able to use older full Office versions with no problems, whatsoever.If you have managed to get Office 2000 or Office 2003 to work on your Windows 8, Windows.1 device, something that Id suggest you to do is to switch off getting updates, as Microsoft could release one full to destroy your old software which isnt.It might run well it enough, but you might encounter some issues.Your other option would be to consider one of the free office suites such as Open Office or LibreOffice). They are using MS Office 2003 32 Bit since long. Because of this problem, customer have to type email id manually each and every time.