Oracle database 10g enterprise edition features

oracle database 10g enterprise edition features

Oracle Diagnostic Pack This pack is described in "Oracle Diagnostic Pack".
In addition, Transparent enterprise Gateways to specific 3 rd party databases are available, providing a highly optimized information integration solution.Figure.1: Dell Oracle Single Node with oracle Internal Storage.Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition can be used as the central coordinated data store in a replicated branch office environment, in conjunction with a local Standard Edition or Standard Edition One database.Oracle Database Standard Edition One, oracle oracle Database Standard Edition One delivers unprecedented ease of use, power, and performance for workgroup, department-level, and Web applications.Most applications can use this multi-node clustered database without any code modification.As well as the built-in oracle self-managing capabilities, additional advanced management capabilities are available that further streamline operations and reduce operational cost.Oracle database Label Security This option is described in "Oracle Label Security".Oracle enterprise Database Personal Edition can be licensed only using the Named User Plus metric.Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition with Oracle Real Application Clusters option also takes full advantage of Oracle s own built-in clusterware solution, enterprise removing the complexity of having to install and configure third-party clusterware. Oracle Advanced Security protects privacy and confidentiality of data over the games network features by addressing data sniffing, data loss, replay and person-in-the-middle attacks.
High-speed Infiniband network support Oracle protocol support now includes support for the industry-standard Sockets Direct Protocol (SDP) for Infiniband high-speed networks.
SE 10g SE 11g SE 12c Application Continuity N edition RAC One Node ata Guard - redo apply (physical standby) N Data Guard - SQL apply (logical standby) N Data Guard - Snapshot Standby Active Data Guard Data guard network compression N Rolling Upgrades Rolling upgrades.
Footnote 1: In the event of a conflict between these metric definitions and those set forth in your ordering document for the Oracle Programs, the definitions in your ordering document will prevail.All communication with an Oracle Database can be encrypted with Oracle Advanced Security.Advanced Replication (multimaster) Basic replication (which is keygen available with Standard Edition and Standard Edition One) provides support for read-only and updatable materialized views (for replication) and multitier materialized views.Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition also builds-in unique Fast- Start Fault Recovery technology that automatically bounds database crash recovery January 3 to a number of seconds, making recovery time fast and predictable, and improving your ability to meet availability service level objectives.For larger played sites, it could even save the company millions of dollars. .In addition, Automatic Storage Management (ASM) must be used to manage the data stored in Oracle Database.Multi-instances and multiple nodes make RAC a powerful database platform.Multiprotocol connectivity This feature database bridges Oracle Net Services communities of users that use different network protocols such as SPX/IPX, TCP/IP, or LU6.2.Business Intelligence applications will particularly benefit from the Enterprise Edition s unique bitmapped indexing and join capabilities, transparent query re-write to use pre-summarized data, and comprehensive parallel query operations, all which result in dramatic query performance improvements.Over the past decade Oracle has successfully completed 17 independent security evaluations.Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition is also designed to protect your mission critical business operations from the impact of routine maintenance.Advanced Replication, connection Manager, infiniBand Support, oracle Spatial.Features and Options Only Available to Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition.SE 10g SE 11g SE 12c Advanced Security option N Database vault racle Label Security N Enterprise security ata Masking Pack irtual Private Database N Fine Grained Auditing N Privilege analysis N Real Application Security N Redaction N Transparent sensitive data protection N Secure Application.The built-in Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control console provides a web-based interface that shows at a glance, the status of your database and cluster environment, and allows played database administration actions from any browser connected to your system.