Peachtree premium accounting 2011 user manual

Select access allows administrators to assign access rights and tasks within each module with varying degrees of access (full, view only, add, edit, none).
Always an accountant favorite, Peachtree accounting has really ramped up its product improvements and enhancements since being manual purchased by Sage, making Peachtree a staple in the offices of millions of small businesses worldwide.Cash sales can be entered manual as well as prepayments and credit memos.Reports user can be run manual individually or in groups.From the April/May 2010 Review.Vendor information can also be managed, and includes a detailed purchase screen that contains vendor history, purchase representative information, premium and terms and credits.The installed chart of accounts will premium reflect the business type chosen.Customer information is easily user tracked, with standard contact information available, as well as purchase history, sales information, and payment and credit history.Data-entry screens are nicely arranged, with numerous options on the toolbar above that can be performed in conjunction with the transaction being processed. Remote access ball is available by user using Peachtree Remote Access.
A setup guide provides a ball handy reference to all areas that need set.
Peachtree by Sage offers small business users a wide array of products suitable for the very small one-person multiplayer office to the multi-user environment.
Also available is the ability to convert QuickBooks data into Peachtree.Employee history, pay history, withholding details, sick multiplayer and vacation time, and employee deduction information can all be tracked.The Peachtree Knowledgebase contains a long list of FAQs with detailed answers, and it can be searched by keyword, product line, answer ID or phrase.Total installation time was approximately 10 minutes and will be dependent manual upon your computer.Small Business Accounting Systems (Locally Installed).The Internal Accounting review is a terrific feature that scans all system transactions, flagging possible accounting errors.Payroll tax tables can also be downloaded from the Payroll navigation center.Management features : The Business Status screens display a series of dashboard reports that are chosen by users, with eight different views available, including account balance, aged payables and revenue YTD.The resume Business Status page displays various statistics, with up to eight different displays available.Enterprise-level accounting, fast processing, up to 40 users.Invoices can be created and then printed directly from the converted sales order, and payments are easily applied on accounts.