Scott addict sl 2014 geometry

scott addict sl 2014 geometry

The Addict SL rolls on Syncros RL1.0 carbon clinchers.
The steering is accurate and fast but not at the geometry cost of scott neutrality and stability, so addict you soon come to trust it at deeper lean angles and higher scott speeds.
It came in at 1,020g spot on given the size difference.
geometry The kit is equally impressive.Design is the other.The scott bottom bracket on the new Addict is a scott claimed six per cent stiffer than its predecessor.Only the Cervelo R5CA weighs the same.Its so good that it ceases to be noticeable (which applies equally to many of the Addicts other traits). On my older Addict rough road surfaces would make me immediately get geometry up off the saddle however the new Addict is like totally different beast as it geometry smooths out the ride incredibly.
Significantly, perhaps, Scott taper from.25 lower bearing, an increasingly common choice as the trend among designers for.5 bearings subsides.
HMX fibres are stronger and finer than HMF, so the Team Issue frameset can be built with thiaguinho tubing that geometry is 20 thinner without sacrificing any strength.Our man at Scott was uncertain why the Addict SLs design team had opted for.25, but given the models preoccupation with weight, and the reduced heft of a smaller bearing, its not geometry impossible that shaving grams was the driving factor here.Braking in the dry was excellent on the new SwissStop Black Prince carbon-specific pads.Directly comparing the Addict 20 with the Team Issue yields a list of differences that are perhaps best described as refinements.Absent from the Foils model year 2014 line-up was the Team Issue and the flagship Premium, one with a claimed 830 gram novo frame weight light by aero standards.Recommended retail price for the Addict Team Issue is 10,000.With the added bonus of being able to run 28c tires it now can be a three season bike as well.Scott Addict, the Addict was once Scotts calling card, one of the first significant salvos in the war for the title of worlds lightest frame.A bicycle with a 955 gram chassis, thiaguinho rolling on full carbon hoops and dressed in flagship components from a host of major brands, is not going to be cheap, and at 6999, the Addict SL is unlikely to be an impulse buy.I know that the bigger tires are not slower because my climbing has gotten faster and it is not from ability.The bike really shines where the roads get rough.