Superspeed ramdisk plus 11 review

Value, make no mistake, this is a fantastically expensive gaming ramdisk machine.
Those of you who plan to do your own upgrades beyond superspeed the graphics card and storage drives should do your homework beforehand.DV Nation specializes in blazing fast storage and memory, and puts every ramdisk ounce of their experience into their ramrod line of gaming PCs.Overall there can superspeed be no speed comparison between review a RAMdisk and a hard disk - or review even an SSD.Ignore the alignment warning on ramdisk the screenshot as it doesn't apply on RAM disks.Older or less powerful systems will plus produce lesser numbers, but their RAMdisk's will still fly when compared to their normal disks. The Windows pagefile, temp directory and IE offline and Chrome browsers sit on the ramdisk by default for maximum performance.
Youll also get a free copy of windows SuperSpeed Disk Cache, the two utilities totaling a value of 200.Benchmarks, for the first run I'll be review using Anvil's venerable Storage Utilities.0.51 RC6.But the pride and joy of the Powerbox is its ramdisk, a permanently active 20GB partition that sits on the machines 32GB bluestacks of DDR3 memory leaving 6GB for system use.Some inoffensive alicia software like Chrome, windows Flash player and t is pre-loaded.Want the fastest storage that money can buy, convincingly disguised software as a Windows gaming machine?