The complete plain words pdf

the complete plain words pdf

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In theory he was amply protected by the Courts as the sole authoritative interpreter of the law.
X and treated in your hands as liability fully satisfied before receipt.14 Reviewing the new edition in The Times Literary Supplement, David Hunt commented of Fraser, "his wit, perhaps a little drier and more Scottish, is equally acute, diverting and instructive".6 THE complete plain words cliche".Oxford English Dictionary as, "The formal and typically verbose language considered characteristic of officials or complete official documents".Follow the admirable advice given in this words instruction by the Board of Inland Revenue to their staff: There is one golden rule to bear in mind always: that we should try to put ourselves in the position of our correspondent, to imagine his feelings.The dictionaries do not yet recognise this, but doubtless they will soon bow to the inevitable; for, as Sir Alan Herbert has reminded us, "modern dictionaries are pusillanimous works, preferring feebly to record what has been done than to say what ought to be plain done".It is prudently left to a specialised legal plain branch of the Service.I believe that a common opening formula during the war was: Your letter of the. 42 Between Gowers's prologue and epilogue there is a toon Digression on Legal English followed by chapters on The Elements, Correctness, Avoiding the boom Superfluous Word, Choosing the vampire Familiar Word, Choosing the Precise Word, The Handling of Words, and Punctuation.
40 References Chaucer, Geoffrey.This precedent was followed in the Old Age Pensions Act of 198, the National Insurance and Unemployment Insurance Acts of 1912, and all modern social legislation.The opening words of the letter must pack be "I am directed by (say) cricket the Secretary ofState for Foreign Affairs and throughout the letter turns of phrase must be used (e.g.Or of The programme must be on the basis of the present head of labour ceiling allocation overall.There are four other possibilities.75 Types of failure.But that reflection takes me outside the scope of this book.Grammar and punctuation defy all the efforts of grammarians to force them into the mould of a codec permanent code of rules.Ernest Gowers: Plain Words and Forgotten Deeds.While times we strive to fix printers errors, many words found in our books may have archaic spelling.The official must avoid all appearance of encroaching on the province of the Courts.Whatever may be the fate of these, we shall not be disposed to welcome such a word as reaccessioned, used by a librarian of a book once more available to subscribers.After Gowers retired from the civil service at codec the end of the war, n 3 Bridges asked him to write a short pamphlet on good writing, for the benefit of the new generation of officials.There is a happy mean between being content with the prologue 7 first thing that comes into your head and the craving for perfection that makes a Flaubert spend hours or even days on getting a single sentence to his satisfaction.158159 Gowers (2014.