The devil is a part timer light novel

And even shows that he does care about the novel group.
Cool Big Sis light : To Chiho, After Chiho learns of where they are really from.
This knowledge was novel obviously put to very timer good use.
"Moon Flower "Star Chart" Sut Chto and "Tsumabiku Hitori" all by Nano Ripe.Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life : Volume 7 reveals she was like this before novel meeting Maou.The Mole : She was planted into Maou's apartment building in order to investigate Emi and to attempt an assassination timer on Maou if necessary.Demon Lords novel and Archdevils : Maou's second surviving demon general.Skilled, but Naïve : She's very powerful and charismatic, but is genuinely shocked to discover that the Church of Ente Isla, which timer she had worked for for years, was corrupt. A wise decision since even though Suzuno does mean well, her subs superiors don't.
Black and White Morality : At the devil beginning, as strip far as Emi sees the venlafaxine world it really is just your classic, cliche "hero fights the evil overlord who is trying to take over the world for no reason" kind of story.He also has perverted tendencies, shown when he expresses a desire to strip Chiho down in his experiments to learn how she has been influenced by Satan's magic.But for Me, It Was Tuesday : Maou's forces destroyed Emi's village, but he just gives a vague apology for his lack of understanding about humans back then, as well as lack of complete control over his underlings.Hot-Blooded : Emi gets rather worked up from time to time regarding Maou.This was the main motivation for her to take up being a hero and destroying the demon forces.Further, his army negocios was the one responsible for the destruction of Emi's village.Anything missing from today's menu, you can run to the store to purchase.Gives this to Olba wondering why the Church never accepts responsibility and doesn't even try to meet the "heretics" half-way.Villainous Rescue : Apparently, this seems to happen to her a lot.Heaven wants Maou dead for following venlafaxine in the Great fault King Satan's footsteps and Emilia dead for both being the daughter of an angel and holding a piece of Yesod.This incident, and with her talking to Maou about it later about why he saved her, ends up being what opens her heart to him.Olba took advantage of this and threatened to destroy her old home unless she came with him.Doting Parent : He shockingly becomes this for Alas Ramus.Suzuno number is the grand inquisitor of the Church in Ente Isla that, like Emi, came to kill Sadao.Willfully Weak : When she said she could kill Maou at any time during their first confrontations, she meant.

Beware the Nice Ones : While he's currently pretty nice, but if push comes to shove he'll remind you why he's the king of the demons.
Missing Mom : She always believed that her mother, Laila, died when she was a baby, but before the church came to take her away her father revealed that Laila is in fact alive.

the devil is a part timer light novel