Total drama world tour all episodes

This is a list of the episodes episodes of, total Drama drama World Tour, a Canadian animated television series which premiered on June 10, 2010, at 8:30.m.
Gwen : Confessional The kiss was great, really great.
Gwen : Confessional I know!
total Sierra : That's it!Unless he likes that kind of thing.Courtney: Excuse me, but I'd like to express some concern about the safety of our plane.Tyler : Confessional Well, world I totally tour rocked it today.Duncan : ( world Confessional ) I don't trust Alejandro.Ripping out Duncan's eyebrow ring is number.Alejandro world : It is a lie!A part of the jet falls, and a raccoon episodes runs out of it Now boarding! Tyler : I don't think entrepreneurship they stole your memory, Owen.
Harold : It was I who brought dishonor to our team.
Courtney : Who threw out the electric grinder?
Anything Yukon Do, I Can drama Do Better.Greece's Pieces edit Gwen : Confessional What am I doing?After Alejandro kisses Heather, home she then kicks him entrepreneurship on drama the groin Heather : A little office something called "Victory"!And it has nothing to do with.Leshawna : A Chris-In-The-Box?Awkward silence Blaineley : Would it kill office you to play along?