Uninstall applications mac os x 10.7

Warning : kernel extensions are necessary for correct applications operation of your system.
These are typically from Adobe or Microsoft because some of those applications will install more apps that aid the uninstall program, applications or place library files and associated application dependencies elsewhere in.
Applications, be default, Mac OS X software is stored in applications the Applications folder on your hard drive.
When a package is labelled with the.app extension, it appears as a single, launchable icon uninstall in the Finder.Then, go to Library/.It applications also removes the associated files of the said applications.Again, these generally dont uninstall do any harm to leave be, but they can take up some hard drive space, so users with smaller SSDs might want to be pay more attention to the cache and support files that some applications generate.Search the following locations: /Library /Library/Application Support, in these two locations youre looking for non-Apple folders applications full of items: Adobe, Microsoft, etc. Note: Before we actually start with the uninstallation process, you indo have to know that if you menh remove Safari, you might with remove files that are critical to the operation of Macs system.
The first Library is at the top level of your hard drive, the second is inside your Home Folder.These items will not uninstall be support obvious to find, doing a Google search about the components for applications your specific software situation is highly recommended.Do You Wish to Completely Uninstall Safari on Mac?You simply cannot drag the application towards the Trash.If you prefer keystrokes, you can also just select the app icon and then hit CommandDelete to move the app to Trash, then empty the Trash and the app will be removed.Second, Safari cannot be deleted or even modified since it is necessary for the operation of.You have to know that you should also find all extra, uninstall associated files of Safari to completely uninstall Safari.Adobe, Microsoft along with.plist documents usually starting with com ist, ist /Library/LaunchAgents /Library/LaunchDaemons /Library/PreferencePanes /Library/StartupItems, most software does not use LaunchAgents, Preference Panes or Startup Items, but some things do, particularly items which control system accounting behavior or keep background processes running.

Jan 2, 2012, i use appzapper as well.
The farthest you can actually go towards doing it is by resetting the Safari uninstall applications mac os x 10.7 browser and cleaning up all the information it contains.
But if you click and hold for a couple of seconds, the apps go into giggle mode with x buttons appearing in their icons top left corner.