Update lord rings battle middle earth 2

The AI will no longer spawn next to the player in Lostriand when playing a middle 1 human versus 5 AI opponents.
Demolishing the Heroic Statue now gives 150 instead.CAH reinforcements can no longer be garrisoned onto transport ships.Increase the Elfs auto-acquire range to be comparable to the other heroes.Both middle Darkness lord and Freezing lord Rains recharge time have been middle reduced to 6m (originally 9m).Limit to: Browsing earth history matches: Login, login, sign up, receive these membership benefits: No ads.Dwarves Dwarven catapults no longer gain experience update levels.Karshs cost has been increased to 2000.Cloud Breaks recharge time has been reduced to 7m30s (originally 8m20s).Rivendell Lancer more resistant to Pierce (45/25 from 60/30). Processor: 1,6 GHz, rAM: 768 MB, graphics: 128.
Increased the movement rate for Corsairs to crack 55 (originally 50 crack Member speed increased to 60 (originally 55 more resistant game to Pierce (75 from 90).
The Corrupted Man CAH coerce ability no longer affects mini-hero hordes or large summoned non-hero units (Watcher, Dragonstrike, etc.).Azog now casts a shadow on Medium and Low level of detail settings.Ads keep us online.Login, mods, dev, crack social, members.Sorcerers Well of Souls heal update radius has been reduced to 320 (originally 400).Shelob now occupies the Dead Marshes.HeroMini Foot more resistant to Slash (45 from 60 more resistant to Pierce (45 from 60 more vulnerable to Structural (80 from 50).Our away homes on the interwebs:,rntttttturl:, games, search.Black Orc Warriors more resistant to Pierce (60/30 from 80/40).Reduced Silverthorn arrow magic damage by 10 to 50 and removed their RoF penalty; rate of fire update equal to non-silverthorn.Account_circle Signup, already a member?Further it can no longer be cast on the Olog CAHs oil spill ability, the Ring and the Dwarven Catapults oil barrels.General - Goblins Increased the movement rate of the Half Troll Swordsmen to 55 (originally 50 member speed has been increased to 60 (originally 55 more resistant to Pierce (80/40 from 100/50).The AI will keygen now use vray Azogs and the Fire Drakes special abilities.The Hall of Kings Men no longer has a floating shadow associated with its 2nd damage state.

War of the Ring update lord rings battle middle earth 2 Modified the AIs retreat algorithm; reduced its retreat chances prior to actually fighting the battle.
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