U.s. marine corps scout sniper training manual

6-14 fmfm 1-3B The snipers can also support (by fire) infantry movements across streets.
Analyze the enemy salute, his capabilities, and his possible reactions to corps future offensive operations based on terrain, weather, and the enemy himself.
The veil, when draped over the head, should come down to the stomach or belt and have camouflaged garnish tied in it to break up the outline of the head and the solid manual features of the net.In this way it creates a spot weld.Issuance of necessary orders to the sniper team leader.They will not allow the enemy to regroup manual effectively or to set up an orderly withdrawal.Snipers must BE included, IN THE sniper role, IN ALL normal infantry tactical training AND sniper IN tactical exercises.This method requires the use of either binoculars or tele- scopic sights, equipped with mil scales.Spotting training scope method 3-18 fmfm 1-3B By determining whether the waves appear to be slow or fast and from left corps training or right, the sniper will be able to determine wind velocity and wind direction. Primary and alternate routes.
The shaft rotation locking thumb screw clamps the unter tripod M15 tripod shaft at any desired azimuth.These fires should be preplanned by the sniper prior to the commencement of the assault; scheduled fires are planned when possible.He takes notes (or uses a check- list) for augen later use in planning.Replace damaged eyeshield racing and assemble new eyeshield onto eisbrecher eyepiece assembly.The elevation fine tune eisbrecher knob is.The rifle can also be put along the side of the body, under one arm, to be pushed forward as the sniper moves.IF anything malfunctions ON THE rifle, never TRY TO repair IT your- self.Snipers windows in position on the flanks prior to the assault can detail enemy null tanks and anti- tank personnel/positions (usingadvanced optical gear and observation techniques) and can reduce these targets prior to or during the assault.Sniper Blending With Terrain.Test for Appearance of Parallax.The rifle must be cleaned after it has been fired, because firing produces deposits of primer fouling, powder ashes, carbon, and metal fouling.Keep ammunition clean and protected from the direct rays of die sun.

Defensive employment The sniper is best used outside of the forward edge of the battle area (feba) to u.s. marine corps scout sniper training manual provide early warning of enemy approach, dis- rupt it, and if possible, cause him to deploy prematurely.
Collection AND reporting OF information information is the unevaluated material of every description including that derived from: Observation Communications Reports Rumors Imagery Other sources from which intelligence is produced intelligence is the product resulting from the collection, evaluation, and interpretation of information which concerns one.