Vghs season 2 episode 3

vghs season 2 episode 3

Contents show, the aXe Legends arcade game as seen in episode.
This is the first episode of vghs the second season of episode our favorite gaming web series, Video Game High School!
episode They fullfil the quest casually while also talking about Brian and Jenny's date, which causes Brian to lose control of the battle and Ted and Ki to intervene using magic to finish the barbarian off.Axe Legends, edit, main article: episode Axe Legends, seen in: Episode 4, Episode 8, axe Legends, styled as aXe Legends, is a video game in vghs universe reminiscient.Fruit Tune Farms Edit The social gamers, led by O'Doyle, play season a game called Fruit Tune Farms.Link to Previous Discussion Thread, hey everyone!The Law has been shown to be an exceptional dancer as well, having scored an A- in his duel season again Brian in Episode.In vghs: You Can't Stop a Sandwich, The Duchess and a member of her gang play 2-vs-2 against Ted and Brian.The players play until one surrenders by typing "gg" or Good Game into a keyboard.She quit the pro circuit two years before she enrolled in vghs because she mastered the game and became season bored with.In vghs: Double XP Weekend, The Law faces a self-awareness crisis after losing in the level featuring Brian's humiliation of him.Axe Legends is presumably the primary game for rhythm gamers in the vghs universemuch like Field of Fire is for FPS gamers. The players choose a class for their character paragon and embark on various quests.
Field of Fire, multiple other fictional games are featured and played throughout the series.
In the show, the actors depict their characters both in and out of the game.
Box Office, budget: 636,011 (estimated full see more on IMDbPro company Credits, production Co: RocketJump Studios.Towerfall Ascension Edit Towerfall Ascension is a game seen played in Season 3, Episode.Details, release Date: (USA see more edit.They play the game in a sub-basement at vghs with old computers and only bales of hay to paragon sit.The game is first seen (and manager so far only seen) in Episode 4, when Drift King (DK the best drift racer at vghs, extorts a race out of Ted full Wong.Each player handles a go-kart around a closed obstacles-full level and starts with three lives.Throughout episodes 1 to 3 of Season 2, The Law plays the game following the story-line of Brian, which starts with Brian returning home on a bicycle to join the Field of War game that would send vghs him eventually to vghs.Ki's Games in Development Edit High School hard Video game Game: The Video Game High School Video Game Edit Seen in: Season 2, Episode 3 Ki's Game Design Document for hsvg: The vghs Game High School Video Game: The Video Game High School Game is one.

Deathstalker 2 Edit Deathstalker 2 is a medieval-themed RPG played by vghs season 2 episode 3 Brian, Ki and Ted throughout Season.
The name is a reference to Poker and Pokemon.
The goal of the game is to eliminate the other team.