Windows 8.1 start menu background color

windows 8.1 start menu background color

Open PC settings, click/tap on Personalize in the right windows pane, and background Start Screen menu in the left pane.
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In the bottom Accent color section, click/tap on a color family you want in the bottom bar, then click/tap on a color shade above the bottom bar to set (check) for all of your modern UI screens menu accent color.Exe (portable) or (installer) file, then run the.exe file.(It must be noted that following methods can only be applied on 64-bit edition of Windows 8 Developer Build; you may not need to apply tweaks on final version of Windows 8, as it will have an in-built option to change background color of Metro.Option ONE, change Your Sign in and windows Start Screen Background Image and Color in Settings Charm in Windows.1.You can jump to the search function by pressing winc to pull up the Charms menu and then clicking on the search icon or, for even speedier access, you can simply press winw to jump right to the search box: In the search box, type.Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer Free Download.Make any other changes you may like in Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer, and repeat step 7 until you have the Start screen how you like.If you like, you could also select more than windows background one picture to have a slideshow on the Start screen.To get started, bring up Goto dialog box via CtrlG hotkey combination and enter 096F30. Ifpluso 1; var d document, s eateElement script g 'getElementsByTagName.type 'text/javascript arset'UTF-8 ync true; c https otocol?
Once you have the picture selected, you could adjust the Start convoy screen kuroko opacity and fifa tiles opacity separately to display how transparent or solid you would like.
Dll files from downloaded folder to System32 folder.In Windows 8, you navigate to the menu youre looking for via the Charms bar (winc) then Change PC Settings - Personalize - Start Screen, and select the background accent combination you want from the slider interface at the bottom of the Start Screen customization.Nevertheless, if you want to change other UI elements as word well, download the tutorial, open Metro Customization Hex Table text file and replace the Hex values of specified Hex offsets.Selected menus on the left side in PC settings.Related: How to Get Rid of the Modern Environment garageband on a Windows.Both methods require advance read and write administrative privileges.When finished, click/tap on the Apply Save button.Option TWO Change Your Sign in and Start Screen Background Image and Color in "PC settings" in Windows 8 Note This option will show you how to change only the background image and color of your Start screen, and only the color of your sign.App highlight game box on Start screen (Start and Apps view).This method enables you to change Start Menu, as well as, right panes and login screen.Dear How-To Geek, Its ridiculous, but I cant tell you how much the default purple color in Windows 8 really bothers.(see screenshot below step steel 5) Note If you selected the desktop background thumbnail in step 3 above, then this will not change your Start screen background color, and will only change your sign convoy in screen background color instead.You can, for example, choose to replace the default color with D3 D3 D3 FF to apply grey background color.