Wolf girl and black prince episode 2

When she black once again rejects him, he hits her girl and is ready to do so again when she firmly states her black loyalty to Kyoya.
Before the couple leave, Terasaki wishes that their relationship crumble so Erika will know that her choice is wrong.
Erika's father is an ordinary office black worker with a passion for yakuza films, while her mother is a homemaker with the same childish personality as Erika.
After seeing how close Kyoya had genuinely become towards Erika, Reika supports her and gets mad whenever Kyoya treats her badly.Later into the series, she also becomes prince close to Takeru.Seven years after graduation, the group have attained girl each of their preferred professions, with Erika herself becoming a glass maker.She is no-nonsense and serious about her choice, criticizing Erika when she wants her to give her position to her just so she can be with Kyoya.Yoshito Kimura (, Kimura Yoshito ) Voiced by: girl Nobunaga Shimazaki (anime and drama CD) A boy in Erika's grade.When he saves her from a stuffy boyfriend, however, Rena falls in love with him and declares to Erika that she will become her "official rival". Das beinhaltet games zum Beispiel die Qualität, das Copyright und die Legalität.
Eiko Eiko is Erika's paternal aunt who lives in Kyoto with her husband, Shinichi, and young son, hero Kei.
Hajime Murai (, Murai Hajime ) Murai is Tezuka's adult boyfriend.
When thugs bully him and Marin, he chickens out, which disappoints Marin and makes her consider breaking up with him.Eiko introduces Erika to the world of glass making, which she quickly develops a character passion for "like love".Erika often tells tall tales about her having a boyfriend and takes a photo of a random guy to show as proof.Wolf Girl and Black Prince kami Shjo to Kuro ji ) is a Japanese shjo manga series full written by Ayuko Hatta.24 It was grossed diablo editor US10,639,039 at japan box office.He can easily remember the names he just acquainted to, especially cute girls name.However, shortly after, he blackmails, torments girl and makes her his "dog".Y Kusakabe (, Kusakabe Y ) Voiced by: Ayumu Murase (anime) Played by: Ryo Yoshizawa An unconfident and shy outcast, deemed a "coward" by Kyya.Marin Tachibana (, Tachibana Marin ) Voiced by: Mariya Ise (anime and drama CD) Played by: Tina Tamashiro One of Erika's friends.