Wolf's rain episode 2

Cheza jumps from the rain airship just before episode Orkham's men bring it down.
Cher and the disguised episode man enter the great hall of celebrating Nobles, the man's power causing the assembled nobility to drop the floor until it is only rain Jaguara, the man, and Cher left standing.
24 "Scent of a Trap" Transcription: "Wana no Nioi" ( Japanese : ) July 14, 2003 September 4, 2004 Blue and Cher also come to Jaguara's city.
They later return to the tree so Cheza can extend the Hanabito's life, but the Hanabito stops her and says she's satisfied with having finally met a true Flower Maiden.Lights in wolfs the city episode are switched off.8 The final four OVA episodes of the series were released in two additional volumes, each containing two episodes.23 "Heartbeat of the Black City" Transcription: "Kuroi Machi no Kod" ( Japanese : ) July 7, 2003 August 28, 2004 The four wolves arrive at wolfs Jaguara's capital amid thousands of refugees seeking entry.The opening scene from episode one is repeated, with Kiba lying in the snow saying there is nothing at the end of the road, no Paradise, yet he is still driven to look for it by a voice that calls him.Tsume, following the Flower's scent, enters a room where he sees the bodies of wolves in tubes.4 "Scars in the Wasteland" Transcription: "Kya no Kizuato" ( Japanese : ) January 27, 2003 May 15, rain 2004 The wolves find themselves driven into a cave by a blizzard.The anime has yet to see a release in the latter format in Japan.They are being hunted by the men they saved Blue from earlier, who want to sell them to Jaguara. 12 "Don't Make Me Blue 3 " April 21, 2003 July 10, 2004 Lady link Jaguara's troops attack Lord Darcia's keep while he is away.
Jaguara thinks she has entered the Paradise with Darcia, but Darcia turns into a wolf and attacks her.As they stand there, a vast field of Lunar Flowers appears, forming a road to Paradise.While Quent is in program the boy's home treating the boy's wounds, the soldier from before spots Blue tied up pespatchid outside and begins beating her with his gun.Tsume and Kiba start arguing again, so Cheza sings and puts them all to sleep.Kiba tells Mew he is hearing people calling him, but can't remember who they are, but she tells him it will be okay, he'll get used to forgetting.Soon later Blue joins them as does Quent, Cher, Hubb, and Cheza.They take turns with one driving while the others drink.When he falls on office some ice for a moment, a massive walrus breaks up through the ice and attacks him, knocking him into the water.27 "Where the Soul Goes" Transcription: "Tamashii no gratuit Yukue" ( Japanese : ) OVA September 25, 2004 Cheza heals the wounded Hige.Cartoon Network s, adult Swim pespatchid late-night programming block in 2004.While the volume DVD covers canada have the same art work as their Region 1 equivalents, the Region 2 volumes have different volume names, different episode counts, and different extras.