Yuri revenge windows 8 black screen

ScreenHeight1080, stretchMoviesno, videoBackBufferno /code, compatibility Mode, windows right click gamemd.
This is (purchased) and two computers(reasonably new) on my network.
Try unsing this method from the video.
If you yuri try this test also: Limiting the Max resolution to you own maximum,as seen in screenshot yuri above, should increase performance in game.Click Change black Settings for all users.Mobpos are Asus a7n8x and a7n8x-e, with two network cards each.Exe, then run the patch to patch the game (for ra2, rename revenge to game.Rename Yuri's Revenge to gamemd.Maybe is somthing went wrong with your windows monitor settings and now you hav a duplicate yuri monitor.Causes of Trying to play yuris revenge over LAN with windows 8?So one of the following has happened:.This should be the most compatible "patch" available.XP service pack. Dll to windows the main launcher and so I game make a shortcut to desktop to replace the BAT: The extra parameters gamemd.
Windows 8 comes with a wsock32.dll, and when I copy it to don't know about that) by downloading the "wsock32.dll" and placing it in the game folder.
Download manual the first file and install.I'm doing it here for testing the Ares expansion.I'm gonna post my results for this one on Win8 after I test.My problem is that manual when I click on Yuri's revenge over a LAN.Heres what ats.Both executables need the settings as seen in screenshot above.Both comps sins are Windows XP, (AMD manual 2400XP AMD 2500XP) Both radion cards (9600 the issue, but cant pinpoint it) I would most appreciate it if anyone manual could help.I scanned it with Defender and all.Edited by GenApoc0, 03:39 AM).